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Find a mold expert, how do I get rid of mold or odour, eliminate mold bacteria odours allergens dustmites tobacco smell pet odour

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-Odors -Allergens
-Bacteria -Mold Growth
VOC's -Cockroaches
-Dust Mites -Bed Bugs
Rodents Will Not Return

Caused By

-Mold/Mildew -Cooking
-Smoke -Pets -Chemicals


-Homes -Businesses
-Hotels - RVs - Motels
-Schools -Hospitals -Boats
-Autos -Sick Buildings
-Resorts -Spas
-Flood & Fire Damage
-Fitness Centers

OZONESHOCKERS uses a high concentration of Nature's pure ozone (a form of Super Charged Oxygen) to destroy illness, sickness and diseases caused by toxic molds, mildew, germs, viruses, bacteria, pet urine, and their feces, dustmites and their feces, which are the primary cause of many allergies and illness, plus other obnoxious odors, and dangerous chemicals degassing from new or remodel construction.

THE CONDITIONS CURED - find a mold expert

MOLDS & MILDEW - mold removal
molds and Mildew are quickly killed when exposed to the high levels of Ozone employed by OZONESHOCKERS

Even a short exposure to ozone at the levels used by OZONESHOCKERS kills all viruses, bacteria and germs.

ODOURS - odour removal
Pet odours, cooking odours (curry, garlic, etc.) and smoking odours can be quickly eliminated by the OZONESHOCKERS System.

CONSTRUCTION CHEMICAL ODOURS or VOC's - mold and odour removal
The EPA lists over 1,500 hazardous chemical compounds as being used in the construction of new homes. Many can have serious health effects when exposure exists over prolonged periods. Ozone eliminates most if not all of theses compounds when used at the levels employed by OZONESHOCKERS.

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MOVING TO A NEW OR USED HOME? - how do I get rid of mold?
Why move into a contaminated home? Did the previous owners smoke, have pets or were poor housekeepers? Insure the indoor environment is safe and not going to make your family sick; have the home purified. You make sure the home is structurally sound; why not make sure it is safe to breathe in? You have the carpets cleaned and the roof checked; why not insure you don't have mold or dust mites? Our safe application of Ozone will leave your home Healthy and free of all pollutants.

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how do I get rid of mold or odour?

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